Unique Chef Special at Bikers Cafe, Dubai

UAEFood: Review
Today we had the honour to taste a unique Chef Special Bikers Cafe in Jumeirah Dubai : Lamb Kebab with Pomegranate . Such a unique combination! The meat becomes juicy, fresh and slightly fruity beside all the healthy side effects of the pomegranate fruit.


Sadly you can’t find it in the menu. It was especially made for today. Couldn’t catch up to taste it? Perhaps we can ask Bin Hadher Hospitality to add it as a speciality to the new menu 🙏

There is another treasure hidden in this vibrant biker meeting hub: the brand new PASSIONATE . A drink, you can’t get enough off. Not sure if it’s because of the passion fruit, the Orange or the mint in it. OMG! #refreshing and #mindblowing