Vegetable thief caught in Dubai

A vegetable thief got caught yesterday while steeling a carrot from the garden in cocoa Kitchen. The thief admitted that the carrot was irresistible delightful looking. 

Watch the thief video:

Seriously! Who could resist?

This stunning vegetarian TABLE TOP GARDEN was invented by COCOA KITCHEN Dubai. Believe it or not, the soil is edible! Not only that. It’s made of chocolate! And when you digg the earth well, you will find labneh cheese on a bed of fresh salad. 

Such a pretty starter is hard to even touch because of its beauty. But once digged into, we couldn’t resist to eat it. 

Our main course 

This cocoa-crusted BEEF TENDERLOIN was a gourmet experience par excellence. A chocolate twist in every dish, is the speciality of Cocoa Kitchen Restaurant. And in this case the hidden sweet cocoa was in the beef chocolate jus. The white chocolate mash potato, carrots and horse radish round up this unforgettable taste experience. The meat was marvelously soft and exactly the way it should be. We highly recommend, you pass by and try it yourself. Enjoy! 

There is so much more to discover 

Wait for our next post of Cocoa Kitchen. Coming soon!
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