Babaji, the Perfect Pide restaurant, now open at City Walk Dubai

Now open at City Walk 2 in Dubai ! Babaji Dubai , the London-born casual Turkish restaurant with PIDE at the heart of the menu is now open to public . 

We tried their delicious #perfectpide 

and indulged in the oven baked Halloumi cheese (30AED) with Datterini vine tomatoes and oregano, gluten free and vegetarian friendly.

The beetroot salad was the hit! Rich in flavors, refreshing and healthy with wild rocket, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes and a home-made lemon-honey dressing. 

Turkish style pizza is called “Pide” (PEE-DEH). Pide is a kind of bread made with leavened dough that’s flattened out with the fingers to give it is special shape. 

At Babaji the PIDE is made fresh upon order and comes hot and delicious onto your plate. 

For our vegetarian friends: We highly recommend you to try the FOUR CHEESE PIDE (60AED) with Halloumi, Izmir Tulum and Kasar cheese. The PIDE DEVELI (65AED) with diced beef, tomato and turkish green pepper was very tasty. And the AFYON (70AED) with beef sucuk, izmir tulum, kasar cheese and red chilly is a MUST for our meat lovers. 

The casual contemporary interior invites to quick family dine-in 

And the long table made from a single tree with bar chairs is perfect for single diners watching the chef preparing the sumptuous meals. 

A happy ending goes along with a SULTAC ( rice pudding with hazelnuts 25AED) and Turkish coffee. It was extremely tasty and fresh. We highly recommend you to visit @BabajiDubai on your next City Walk stroll. 

Soon outdoor settings and a Baklava section will be added. Babaji offers free open Wifi and is currently open daily from 11am to midnight.
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