Layali Baghdad – Authentic Iraqi Restaurant opens in Abu Dhabi

Now open in Khalifa City near Al Forsan Resort.

A new sophisticated jewel revealed its rich and traditional Iraqi culinary arts this month in Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa City.

LAYALI BAGHDAD shimmers with dazzling ‘Shanashil’ (“the hanging silk”)-styled traditional Iraqi architecture, with its wooden and colored glass windows, throughout 15th street at night.

The restaurants name referring to the tale of 1001 NIGHTS (One Thousand and One Nights), brings back memories of old Baghdad’s good night stories and lets you dive into the voyages of Sinbad. Sail over to discover the Iraqi National Dish MASGOUF.

The Masgouf is a grilled carp barbecue fish which is traditionally prepared in a unique way. The huge bunni (بني = brown) fish is roasted by the heat next to the fire. This process makes it loose its smell of fish and gives it a light brown crust and a very tender meat without being burned by the fire. At Layali Baghdad all chefs are from Iraq and know the process well. The fish is taken out from the basin alive and is cut into two half. Afterwards they baste the inside of the fish with a marinade of salt, pepper and tamarind and brush it with olive oil. Then they impale them on two sharp piles of wood next to the very hot fire place (fire altar). When the fish is crispy brow on the outsides and well cooked, it is laid on a large tray lavishly garnished.

The art of cutting the Masgouf is made apparent right in front of your eyes. The smell of the cooked meat made us longing to have a bite while watching the process.

The SIMACH MASGOUF is sold by kg with a minimum of 1kg for 70AED. An average Masgouf has about 2-2 1/2 kg and is good for up to three people (150-200AED).

Food at LAYALI BAGHDAD is guaranteed fresh and of high quality as it comes straight from their own Abu Dhabi based farm.

The huge variety of this traditional Iraqi cuisine with lamp, chicken and fish makes it hard to decide which dish to try first.

More about LAYALI BAGHDAD including its authentic Iraqi breakfast options soon on our website .

Dubai, September 26, 2017 by Staff Reporter

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